Automotive Programming Dedicated Power Charger for AUDI VW BENZ BMW

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Automotive Programming Dedicated Power Charger for AUDI VW BENZ BMW​


In vehicles it is often required to have a powerful yet stabilized voltage that’s not affected in any way by fluctuations of the battery voltage.
Especially when you are programming ECUs on cars, voltage is very important!

For example, at BMW brand cars the software ( ISTA-P ) will only operate when your voltage supply is between 13 and 15 volts. If it goes outside this range while programming, then the programming will immediately pause, until voltage gets even. If it jumps too much, which happens with bad quality voltage stabilizer, programming will terminate and may left vehicle in a non working state!!



It maintains best voltage level, so the programming will finish just right. And it has output current capabilites from 0 to 100A so it can handle hours and hours of programming without having to stress car's original battery.

Its even safe when it needs to be, it has all the protection features like short circuit and reverse polarity protection! Alarms when it detects high temperature. Extensive protection and self protection functions.

Input voltage : 220v
Output voltage : 14.5v/100A
Rated frequency : 40-60hz
Working temperature : -40 - +85 degrees
Maximum power : 1500w