Super CAN Filter

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Today we'll be talking about another tool, and for those who don't know what it truly is, you'll find all the necessary basic info.Super Odometer CAN Filter is created for swap CAN messages in the car CAN network.

Main CANEMU function is to help car owners to repair (exchange to used parts) broken car electronic computers and keep original car data: 

  • odometer,
  • coding and others functions.

CANEMU - Super Odometer CAN filter support BMW CAS4, FEM Mercedes W212 W221 W164 W204 W166 W176 W246 and Renault Laguna III, Megane III, Scenic III.

CANEMU wiring for BMW CAS4

  1. Remove CAS4 from the car, no need to disconnect the battery, just let car for 1 minute, the car will go to sleep mode and now you can disconnect CAS4.
  2. Prepare CANEMU board: solder 1 and 3 configuration points. use fine KYNAR wire for installation.
  3.  Open CAS4, install CANEMU board like in the picture below :

    4.   Now install CAS4 back to the car. Switch ignition and check car?- everything must be like before CANEMU installed.

      5.    Remove instrument cluster and change mileage in the 160DQWQ EEPROM

CANEMU wiring for F20, F30 with FEM:

Also, you can install CANEMU in the instrument cluster( in this case no need remote CAS4 or FEM) use CANEMU basic wiring ( in this case odometer will be visible) with diagnostic equipment):
  •  Open instrument cluster and find CAN circuit (TJA1042 or other TJAxxxx 8 pins IC). TJAxxxx pin3 is +5V, pin2 - GND, pin6 - CAN low, pin7?- CAN high. For all cars, electronic system fault memory erase use BMW F-series fault codes eraser

Also works for older cars like E-class W211, S-class W220, Sprinter. Can be installed also in the instrument cluster, but in this case in EZS-EIS will stay old odometer value.

W204 installation example:

CANEMU installation instructions for Mercedes W166, W176, W246 and others from the year 2012 and above. It will block ONLY instrument cluster odometer synchro with EZS.

In these models, Mercedes use new EZS with CAN gateway integrated inside EZS. To block odometer from EZS install CANEMU directly in the instrument cluster or in EZS.
For first, prepare CANEMU board: check resistor 121 must be soldered and solder second configuration points like in pictures: