BMW Smart Key programming

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How to make bmw smart key



In this blog we will show You how to make so easy bmw smart key for cas3!

We using our xprog and hitag and bmw explorer to make for cas3 smart key.

From cas3 readout with xprog we don`t writing the deatils I think to who like to make bmw smart keys then he knows to read out the cas dump.

In our case the cas3+ for what we like to make  smart key is encrypted.

The cas3 can decrypt with isn or with key what belongs to cas3. In our case we will decrypt cas3 with key data.



Open BMW Explorer CAS Editor and open with it the cas dump like in pic1

Open Hitag 2 and put the bmw sart key it what belongs to cas3 and read id.

You need to decrypt the key!

from BMW Explorer CAS Editor enter isk low and hi from that key id what is readed with Hitag 2 from key. Like in pic2









Read all pages with Hitag 2 like in pic3. you will get the psw what you need to enter in bmw explorer cas editor to decrypt the cas3 dump like in pic4
now the cas3 is decrypted




Now You can make the new bmw smart key for decrypted cas3 with Hitag 2.

put the new empty BMW Smart Key in Hitag 2 and under bmw menu choose BMW Explorer. the hitag will make to you automaticaly the key and will ask you to save the key data. that saved key  data You will need to open with BMW Explorer CAS Editor to add to cas3 dump.






on BMW Explorer where is decrypted the cas3 click on load key. like in pic5







now the bmw smart key is added to cas3 dump. Just need to save. when you save the dump the bmw explorer will encrypt again the cas dump. You just need to write back to cas with xprog.