Pt.3 BMW F series Cruise Control Retrofit

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Before you do this coding you must already know how to do coding, please search Google on how to do or where to get the ESYS software/cable. FA coding

FA Coding:

1.Launch ESYS and connect to your car

2.Select expert mode

3.Read and activate FA (add option 544)

4.Read SVT

5.Select and code the following ECU a. FEM

b. ICM


6. If you want “LIM” function, you will need to do FDL coding per the table below.
allow “SET” button to act like “LIM” button so that you get both LIM and Cruise control functions. 


  1. Start the car and drive away

  2. Once on an open road and the speed is greater than 30 km/h press button to turn on cruise control. The cruise indicator should be lit in the instrument cluster. 

    3.Press “Set” to set cruising speed then let go gas pedal, if the car can maintain the speed you all done.

    4.Fine a bridge/slope and check whether the brake is applied when going down to maintain speed.

    5.You all set! Consult owner manual for full detail of cruise operating procedure and precaution. 


    Removing and installing/replacing airbag unit 

    Observe the following instructions to avoid any risk of injury by the airbag unit.
    Comply with safety regulations for handling components with gas generators.
    - Do not exert any force on the airbag unit.
    - Use only specified tools for releasing the airbag unit.

    Note: Incorrect handling may result in triggering of the airbag unit and thereby cause serious injury. 

    Necessary preliminary tasks:
     Disconnect battery earth lead

    Insert Torx screwdriver T20 (1) vertically into the concealed opening until limit position (2) can be felt. Pull Torx screwdriver (1) approx. 2-3 mm out of the opening. Press screwdriver handle towards middle of steering wheel and simultaneously slide into opening to position Torx screwdriver behind retaining spring bracket (refer to graphic below) 

    Press retaining spring bracket (1) of airbag unit inwards and simultaneously pull airbag unit upwards until it unlocks.
    Repeat procedure on another side.

    Installation note:
    Snap airbag unit with a uniform pressing force plane-parallel in direction of steering column shaft into the steering wheel. 


    Danger of injury!
    The airbag unit may only be set down with the airbag itself facing up. 

    Tilt airbag unit forwards.
    Disconnect plug connections (1) and remove airbag unit.

    Installation note:
    Make sure electrical leads are correctly positioned.