Step 4: Recover (write) coding data

4.1: Turn on the ignition switch, click “Step 4: Recover (write) coding data” button

4.2: Select the first backup coding data of the vehicle, recover it

4.3: Successful recover coding data. Make full testing of vehicles and keys.

1.Test the remote control function of the key.

2.Test the switch, engine start function of the key.

3.Test whether the vehicle is normal


Step 5: Delete (disable) keys 

5.1: Turn on the ignition switch, click “Delete (disable) key”

5.2: According to the software prompt, the working key is close to the emergency starting induction antenna (located on the lower right of the steering wheel)

5.3: The software reads and displays the relevant information about the working key.

5.4: Software pop-up key list, the user can choose the key number which needs to be deleted(disabled) and click “Delete key”

5.5: When the software completes the step of delete (disable) specified a key number, it will return and refresh the key list. Users can continue to delete (disable) more keys on this interface.

If completed, click “Quit”