BMW CIC/NBT Maps Update

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BMW CIC/NBT Maps Update

On this blog article we are going to show u how to update BMW CIC and NBT Navigation maps.
How can we know if the unit is CIC or NBT ?
CIC  2008 - 2012
NBT (CIC-HIGH)  2012 - and later

When we download the correct maps that we want, u must read 1B/DE file and send us by mail so we can calculate FSC Code (Activation Code) for you.
How to read 1B/DE file ?

Step 1 : Run SWID reader.exe (that u can get from us by email)

Step 2 : Choose the model if its an E or F serie
Step 3 : Click Connect so it will establish connection with car via ICOM
Step 4 : Read VIN
Step 5 : Read FSC (will be saved on C:/EC-APPS/

Next step is to send us the readout together with Map info u want to load so we can calculate the FSC Code for you


Let’s prepare map data on USB drive.

Format USB drive to “FAT32” (Other formats won’t work), FAT32 ONLY

Unzip downloaded map data zip file then direct copy & paste all of the data files to the root of FAT32 formatted USB drive


plug map data USB drive into slot.

For CIC system, the USB slot is located in Passenger side glovebox

For NBT system, the USB slot is located in Center console gearbox


Final step is to update map data.

Turn engine on to maintain good power supply, or connect good battery charger with stable 14volt voltage.

Once USB drive plugged in, the navigation system will request FSC activation code,  enter it then click OK

After entered the correct activation code, map update will start from 0% to 100% (20-50mins)


Finally, click OK to reboot your system

The whole update process is totally completed! Now, you have the required version map data on your system!