Pt.2 BMW F series Cruise Control Retrofit

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Installation Instruction for Multifunction Steering Wheel Switch:

There are two ways to remove the airbag. I recommend removing airbag using the below method as it is easier plus it will not leave any mark on the steering wheel. The BMW method is in the appendix if you desire to do that way. The toughest part of this DIY is getting the airbag out. 

1. Disconnect negative battery terminal.
This will add safety from unintentional airbag deployment during removal. 

Loosen nut (1).
Do not under any circumstances use force to pull off negative terminal.

Pull off battery earth lead with IBS in an upwards direction, place it to one side and secure. 

b. Ground your body with car body with ESD strap (if you have one for extra protection) 

2. Removing upper section of steering column shroud 

Move steering column in "bottom" and "extended" position.
Pull steering column gap cover up carefully and clip out gap cover. 

Pull steering column shroud (1) up.
Clip steering column gap cover (1) out of steering column shroud upper section.
Risk of damage!
Carefully pull steering column shroud upper section (1) upward at the rear and clip out. 

3. Remove lower steering shroud 

Press retaining lugs outwards a little and unclip steering column shroud downwards.
Installation note:
Align steering column shroud by means of retaining lugs to the steering column and press up as far as it will go.

Press steering column shroud on both sides together with a little and then press upwards completely until retaining lugs snap into place. Check installation position, correct if necessary. 

Tilt steering column shroud in the downward direction.
If necessary, unlock plug connection (1) on steering column adjustment switch and (2) emergency starting aerial and disconnect. Remove lower section of steering column shroud. 

4. Turn steering 90 degrees to as illustrated below 

5. Look back to the steering wheel from behind underneath steering column for the airbag hook as the picture below and use a flat head screwdriver to pry the hook and pull the airbag up on the same side. Once the air bag is release continuing on the other side above the steering column to get the air bag release from both hooks. After remove airbag turns steering back to normal position. 

6.Disconnect airbag and multifunction steering switch electrical connectors from the steering wheel. 

7.Remove the airbag and put it in an open space with BMW logo facing up. 

8.Use Torx screwdriver to loosen two screws to release the multifunction steering switch and trim from steering wheels.

9.Use Torx screwdriver to release multifunction steering switch from the trim pieces (4 screws) and replace with new multifunction steering switch. (Need to transfer one electrical connector from the old switch to the new multifunction switch.) 

10. Reinstall trim piece to the steering wheel and route the wire back to the steering wheel. 

11.Reconnect the connectors for a multifunction switch and airbag and install it back by pushing it in until you hear a snap. Check to make sure that airbag is secured firmly.

12.Assemble back the steering column shroud and aerial.

13.Reinstall the steering gap cover. 

14.Move steering column to the normal driving position.

15.Reconnect negative terminal.

16.Press start and check the followings:

a. Illumination lights on multifunction steering switch
b. Check the audio control
c. Press horn to check
d. Check for any fault from the instrument panel. Should be none!

17.Start coding