2 Steps to Program BMW FEM/BDC key with Yanhua BMW FEM Programmer

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Tutorials are the easiest way we can learn something new, down below we have explained in steps how to use Yanuha BMW FEM/BDC

Step 1: Backup (read) coding data

Step 2: Update/program ECU

Step 3: Add key

Step 4: Recover (write) coding data

Step 5: Delete(disable) key

Step 1: Backup (read) coding data

1.1: Connect the OBD socket of Yanhua BMW FEM/BDC key programmer with vehicle

1.2: Connect the USB cable of BMW-FEM-BDC with PC

1.3: Please turn on the switch, keep the vehicle battery voltage no less than 13.0V

1.4: Perform “Backup (read) coding data”, and save the data for later use.

Step 2: Update/program ECU

2.1: Turn ignition switch to ON position. click “Step 2:Update ECU”

2.2: Software pop-up the following tips, please follow instructions to disconnect battery and other charging device, remove the FEM/BDC, use car universal programmer (e.g Yanhua CKM100) to read EEPROM data, save in BIN format in PC

2.3: After complete above work, please go back to the BMW-FEM/BDC interface and click OK

2.4: The software prompt to load the original EEPROM data which was read from the vehicle by programmer

2.5: The software calculate the corresponding new EEPROM data and prompts the user to save it. (saved in BIN format as well)

2.6: The software prompts to write the newly generated EEPROM data back to EEPROM chip, solder the EEPROM back to FEM/BDC.

Install the FEM/BDC back to vehicle. Recover normal power supply for vehicle and turn on ignition switch.

2.6.1: Use universal programmer (e.g Yanhua CKM100 Car Key Master) to load the new data which is calculated by BMW-FEM/BDC key programmer, then write in EEPROM.

2.6.2: Solder the EEPROM back to FEM/BDC. Install the FEM/BDC back to vehicle. Recover power supply for vehicle and turn on the switch. Go back to the BMW-FEM/BDC software and click OK.

2.7: Software prompts to upgrade ECU. Please ensure the vehicle voltage no less than 13.0V.

2.8: The software prompt that upgrading ECU. It will take 15-30 minutes. The software began to count down.

2.9: After completing ECU programming, the software prompts the user to recover the first reading original EEPROM data by programmer. And install the FEM/BDC and restore normal power supply for vehicle.

To be continued...