Mercedes Benz & BMW universal CAN filter

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What is CAN filter?

CAN Filter is designed to support old mileage data blocking on Mercedes-Benz vehicles.  It is designed to prevent regeneration of the old mileage state in vehicle dashboard (odometer). CAN filter doesn’t interrupt any vehicle electronic system, there will be no errors or DTC’s after install.


 1. For Mercedes S-class W221 2007+, new C-class and CLC-class W204 2008+, ML W164 2007+, GL X164 2007+, R-class W251 2007+ , E-class W212 with NEC processor. 

CANEMU block odometer value from EZS (EIS). If Mercedes CAN filter is installed in EZS, dealer workshop scanner (like Mercedes StarDiagnosis or Xentry) will show main odometer mileage in EZS the same, as in instrument cluster. 

    - New for Mercedes ML 2012+ W166 , new A and B class W176, W246 with NEC processor. CANEMU block odometer value from EZS (EIS). If Mercedes CAN filter is installed , dealer workshop scanner (like Mercedes StarDiagnosis or Xentry) will show original car odometer mileage. CANEMU will block only DASH-EZS odometer sychronization.

2. For BMW F-series cars CAS4. CANEMU block odometer value from CAS4 to instrument cluster and diagnostic tester. CANEMU is tested on F01, F02 with 1L15Y processor, F10 and F07 (BMW GT) with 1L15Y and 5M48H processors and on F25 ( new X3).

After CANEMU installed in CAS4, dealer workshop scanner or diagnostic tester (BMW ICOM or INPA) will show main odometer mileage in CAS4 the same mileage as on instrument cluster.

- New for BMW F-series cars with FEM: F20, F30, F31. 

- for Renault Laguna III 2008+, Scenic 4 2009+, Megane III 2009+.  If CANEMU is installed in cluster, no need for ABS programming, just change original odometer value in dashboard ( instrument cluster).

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 New type Mercedes-Benz W222/W205/W217,  Please shortcircuit W222 pad to GND

• Old type Mercedes-Bnez W166 W204 W207 W212 W463 W221 W 246etc,  Please short-circuit W166 pad to GND

• BMW CAS4 CAS4+ FEM etc, Please Short circuit BMW pad to GND


Instructions (below):



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