Testing our KTAG 6.070 BMW EDC17C56 GPT

Posted by techmanager 20/11/2016 0 Comment(s)

KTAG 6.070 2.11 EDC17C56 GPT


In this article, we hook up our KTAG running 6.070 firmware and 2.11 software.

We are going to test  it with latest BMW F serie DDE 8 GPT encrypted ECU...

In the video below, u can see how easy, fast and smooth goes the process of reading/writing the newest generation BMW Bosch DDE 8 GPT ECU.


For those that are wondering, what a GPT ECU is ?


Well, GPT is new password algo cryptography that is implemented in new Tricore microcontrollers from Infineon. 

However, our KTAG can easily read and decrypt the secret password and it automatically unlocks/unprotects the Tricore sectors so it can read and write both Flash and Eeprom