MB Online SCN

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What is Mercedes Benz SCN coding?


Software Calibration Number coding, short for SCN coding is intrudes by Mercedes Benz around 2005. It replaced the previous coding technique with a centralized and almost automated technique to prevent incorrect coding being selected when replacing a module.

When do you need to do SCN coding?

1) After part replacement
2) Retrofit
3) In case of software upgrade

Why SCN coding is so important?

SCN Codes will now be able to be generated by authorized dealership personnel via any computer with internet access or any NetStar Terminal. This will be possible by the user accessing a secured website utilizing a log-on and password unique to the user. The user then will be able to generate an SCN Code using vehicle data as well as data from the replaced/flashed ECM.


To be able to use online programming/coding, we need good quality MB Sdconnect C4 multiplexer, and latest Xentry/Das software running. And of course, a Daimler online SCN account.

Here we using our high quality SDConnect C4 with latest Mercedes S350CDI W222, reflashing SCR ECU




First step we diag the unit that we want to online code or reflash, 

Then Control Unit Adaptations and there we choose if we want to Online SCN or Reprogram the module/ecu.



After that, it asks for User and Password of Daimler account which is important to be able to finish our job!




Then the rest it does automatically depending on the job we started, either SCN Coding or Module Reprogramming.



This online function does not work with C3 units! And Xentry/Das software should be no more than 3 months older to work correctly.