VCDS Features

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Want to learn more details and tips about VCDS ? Keep scrolling down and you’ll find a full list of them.

* you’ll also get some instruction if you just purchased the product and want to maximise the use of it or if you haven’t got it yet click here and get it in the best deal.

If you still are in doubt to purchase it let us show you what will it be included in the package:
program for PC -Windows
with 16 pin OBD connector for USB

-Technical Support -UPDATES

We wanted to talk to you this time about this product and to make you dive in the basics and what’s the best side of it. To save your time I’ll go straight to my point. VCDS (Vag-Com Diagnostic System) or as it used to be called only Vag-com has some good features such as:

  • ●  Quick service and response

  • ●  Read and delete error (temp sensor, input nozzle etc.) and error type

    (short circuit to frame/plus, periodic)

  • ●  Easy access to reset service indicator .

  • ●  Coding of controller

  • ●  Enable exit steps

  • ●  Can read and change assigned values (possible channels are selected by


  • ●  Can set the controlled to basic setting (possible basic settings are selected

    via text)

  • ●  Perform 00-Automatic Test, check error Codes in Control Devices, Print

    Report and save results in a file.

  • ●  Three measuring blocks can be displayed at the same time

  • ●  Data values from up to 3 measurement blocks are displayed as baskets in

    a separate window

  • ●  12 data values can be displayed arbitrarily from all 225 measurement


  • ●  You can make an explanatory text file for measuring blocks

  • ●  Can perform 4-5 pin code login


    If you made it reading till here, you might wonder of one thing:

  • Is VCDS worth it ?


  • VCDS can do many things and it will be kind of interesting and fun to discover them in years, there will always come something new, something that will keep you attracted to it. Considering the fact that most dealers charge between $100-$150 just to scan your car for faults. This means that if you have 2 or 3 minor problems over the life of your car VCDS is essentially free. There are many little comfort changes you can make, there are performance logs you can create, there are controller resets you can do if/when you need to replace parts or disconnect the battery. There are the "regular" uses like reading and clearing fault codes. It is an incredible tool and very handy.