Can VVDI prog and VVDI2 be installed on the same laptop?

Posted by techmanager 19/03/2018 0 Comment(s)


Is this possible?

It's a huge relief knowing that you'll find everything in one place by owning one device that can run multiple software at a time. Multitasking makes us feel more stressed and it lowers the coefficient of our well-done works, especially when it comes to complex machines such are cars.

*Important to know that this is post is only about Win7*


The main question is " what are the possibilities to run both VVDI prog and VVDI2 on the same laptop? "

VVDI prog installed alone can work just fine and without any problem, on the other hand, if we try to install VVDI2 we'll notice that something is wrong. In fact, VVDI2 can't be installed or run on the same laptop with the VVDI. 

The reason behind this is :

The problem is not just with VVDI but all other tools except VCDS use a genetic FTDI driver. The problem comes when you first install one device (tool) with this driver, you cannot add another one because Win7 don't know how to separate this driver from devices such as Win XP.

Note that only Win XP can do this, separate driver between devices.

We used to have the same problem and we had to find a laptop that had Win XP. After that, we installed SMOK which uses the same driver and then we weren't able to install VVDI or any other device within FTDI driver.

The only solution was to make an own driver with its own name; for example " VVDI Driver Installer" such as VCDS did, but of course, this costs money and the funny thing is that nobody wants to just *throw* money away in such things.


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