Vediamo Variant Coding

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Mercedes Benz Vediamo engineering software can project any car program, setting code, change the SA Code function. The Vediamo V05.00.05 software can only work with WIFI MB SD Connect Compact 4 diagnostic system. Following are detail instructions on doing Variant coding function with Vediamo.

Well open Vediamo software and then go to Variant coding section
The current state of the variant coding can be read and modified with Ecoute. Proceed as follows:
–Select Coding / Variant coding in the Ecoute main menu.
–The variant coding dialog is opened
Benz Vediamo V5.00.05

If preconditions for variant coding are specified in the system description for the current ECU variant, these are executed when the window is opened. If services with input parameters are specified as preconditions, an appropriate dialog is displayed in which the user can enter the parameters.

Current Coding

The current coding string from the ECU is read and displayed when the dialog is opened. Fragments and values (max. 4 lines) matching the coding are displayed in a list field. If the coding is not found in the parameterization, “unknown” is entered under values.

The coding string can be displayed either in decimal or hexadecimal format depending on the setting in Vediamo.ini. The coding string format is specified by the “VarCodStringFormat” entry in the [ECOUTE] section of Vediamo.ini. This entry can have the value “Decimal” or “Hexadecimal”. The value “Decimal” means that the coding string is displayed in decimal form. The value “Hexadecimal” means the coding string is displayed in hexadecimal form. The coding string is in decimal format by default.


All parameterized fragments of the selected service are displayed along with their values in this section of the dialog. The filed Coding string contains no values when the dialog is opened. As soon as a value is selected from the list, the corresponding coding string is displayed immediately. In addition, the difference between the current coding string and the selected coding string is evaluated and the position where the two strings differ is marked with the numerical value of the difference (decimal: absolute value of the difference of the two values; hexadecimal: bitmask of changed bits).
Externally parameterized coding fragments: Coding fragments which are parameterized by way of external files (ccf suffix), are denoted in the dialog by the suffix (ex).

Save to File

The variant coding can be stored in a snapshot file by clicking this button


Clicking this button closes the variant coding dialog. After the button is pressed, any postconditions regarding variant coding included in the system description are executed, in the same way as the preconditions described above. If the option shut down cycle for coding is activated in the VSB and coding was performed in Ecoute, the shut down cycle dialog is then opened. The dialog prompts the user to turn the ignition off and then on again.

Manual Coding
Clicking on the button Manual coding opens a dialog, in which the coding string can be edited manually
Benz Vediamo V5.00.05

The coding string in the edit field is taken from the selection field. If the selection field does not contain a string, the coding string is taken from the field of the current coding string. The user can edit the coding string and execute the variant coding by clicking on the ECU-Coding button. The dialog is closed without coding by clicking on the button “Close”.

You have the possibility of naming your own coding strings and storing them in a list (Add to list button). Strings in the list can also be deleted (Delete button). The compiled list can be stored in a file (Save file), or previously compiled lists can be loaded from a file (Open file). This is particularly useful when the number of combinations is very high and working with your own selection lets you work more effectively.

The coding string loaded from the file is displayed in a decimal or hexadecimal format, according to the parameter VarCodStringFormat in the file Vediamo.ini. The format in which the string is stored in the file might be decimal, hexadecimal or even mixed (p.e. “123 001 5D 7F 111”) and it has no influence on the display and entering format.