VO Coding step-by-step tutorial

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There's nothing better than having a place where you can find everything, especially these tutorials that teach you how to do something from scratch. We try to involve each one of you out there, even if you are begginers. Below we included the steps of VO coding, we hope you guys will find it easy and helpful.

If theres any difficulties, as always you know where to contact us : [email protected]

Important! We added two kind of pictures for almost each step, they are both the same just the second ones are zoomed in so you can see better whats going on there.

Step 1 – Open ESYS, Make proper connection and open Expert Mode; Coding Tab
In this example, we will remove Dazzle DeCoding and ReCode the ECUs to enable Dazzle LEDs 

Step 2 – Read Vehicle Order (FA), then save the file to your desktop, as we will make changes and then write those changes to the vehicle, so that they are permanent. 

Step 3 – Expand the FA tree, until you get to SALAPA-element. 

Step 4 – Right-Click on SALAPA-element and click the Edit option. 

Step 5 – Make your desired changes in the box below the FA-tree and then click the apply changes button. 


Step 6 – Go back to the FA-tree, right-click on FA, then select calculate FP 

Step 7 – Press the diskette button at the top of the screen to save your changes to the file on your desktop. 

Step 8 – Under Expert Coding, select VCM ... Then in the bottom section, press the ... button and locate the file you saved earlier on your desktop 

Step 9 – Once the file is loaded, Under the Vehicle Order section, right-click FA and select calculate FP 

Step 10 – Once FP is calculated ... press the master tab at the bottom of the screen, and select the Write FA & FP button ... look at the very bottom of the screen for confirmation of FA & FP written 

Step 11 – Return to Expert Mode; Coding ... then press Read ECU under the SVT section 

Step 12 – Find the applicable ECU(s) that need to be VO_Coded, and right-click on that ECU (as shown below) and click “Code” 

  • Repeat Step 12 for any remaining ECUs that need to be VO_Coded
  • The most popular VO_Coding changes require coding to the following ECUs​
  • Dazzle LEDs: FEM_BODY & KAFAS2 .... Or FEM_BODY & FLA3
    Satellite Radio / Enhanced Bluetooth: HU_NBT ... or HU_ENTRY & CMB_MEDIA​