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BMW FRM (Footwell Module) is electronic head unit that manages/controls all lights/bulbs on the car.

Sometimes, mostly from undervoltage/overvoltage, this unit gets corrupted and diagnostic cannot communicate with module anymore. Lights will go out of control too. 

First of all we must disassemble FRM unit from car which normally is under dashboard driver's side.

With this we are going to use our programmer XPROG

Open it up and connect wiring FRM to XPROG like in the picture below 



When all ready, open XPROG software and go in order like this :

New -> Devices -> MCU -> Motorola/Freescale -> 9S12XEQ384 MASK 3M25J Flash/Eeprom

Make a read of flash and eeprom with respective "Read" button on XPROG software to keep it as a backup.

Then u must Erase the MCU, when it asks for partitioning, choose the biggest 16 size and it will be OK.


Now u can Write our repaired flash and eeprom combo which u can get from us through Live Chat in bottom right corner of ProCarDiag.