Automotive Programming Dedicated Power Charger 0-150A For AUDI/VW/BENZ/BMW

-20% Automotive Programming Dedicated Power Charger 0-150A For AUDI/VW/BENZ/BMW

Automotive Programming Dedicated Power Charger 0-150A For AUDI/VW/BENZ/BMW
Automotive Power Processor Automatic Voltage Regulator delivers cost-effective and high quality power protection for many applications (Often times, it takes too long time to do vehicle ECU programming, the battery voltage usually is lower or higher than standard values due to electricity instability which might result sudden disruption during programming and cause damage to Vehicle ECU.)

For AUDI/VW/BENZ/BMW Automotive Programming Dedicated Power can prevents equipment damage from voltage fluctuations and transien
Protection Features
1. P-FG: 1.5KVAC
2. Over-voltage: 15V
3. Working temperature: -40 - +85
4. Safety: UL60950, TUV EN60950-1
5. EMC: Complies with EN55022, EN61000
6. Withstand voltage: I / P-O / P: 3KVAC I / 
7. Overload: 90-110% of rated output power
8. Insulation resistance: I / PO / P, I / P-FG: 100M Ohms, 500VDC/25 C / 70% RH
Product Function
1. Smart Car Program
2. High temperature alarm.
3. Charging dedicated power
4. Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
5. Intelligent charger for motor vehicles starter battery
6. Extensive protection functions and self-protection functions
7. Input voltage 220V /110V(optional) , Output Voltage 13.5-16 V/0-150A. (The input voltage of 11V needs to be customized)
Applicable models: for-Volvo, for-Porsche, for-Volkswagen, for-Audi, for-BMW, for-Mercedes-Benz, for-General-Motors Etc.

-Efficiency: 85%
-Power Factor: 0.95
-Frequency range: 40-60HZ
-Rated input voltage: 220V / 110V optional (+/-20%)
-DC voltage: 14.5V
-Rated current: 0-150A
-Rated maximum power: 1500W
-Ripple and noise: 100mVp-p
Operating Instructions
1. Connect power input line and battery charging wires, open power(LED1 will light) Display window will display normal charging voltage and current. And light LED2
2. Don’t charge over-discharger battery show voltage down 8V, will show (Battery bad)
3. When battery charge full, charger will cut-off in-put and show(charge end)
4. When charging current over 100A or charger out-put voltahe over 15V, this charger will cut-off out-put and light LED3, show(large charging) or (high voltahe)
5. When charger’s temperature over 60 degrees celsius, LED4(Yellow light) will light and open cooling fan at the same time.
6. When charger input have problem of over-current, over-voltage, high temperature, breaker will automatic pop-ip, user need press in breaker and cheak whether circuit have problem.
1. Please use piwer socket over 10A
2. After connect charging wire, please screw tight tum right and screw tight.
   Please confirm the connection is NO problem before turn on power.
3. Don’t operate charger when the power ON

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