Xhorse VVDI Toyota Smart Key

-24% Xhorse VVDI Toyota Smart Key

Xhorse VVDI Toyota Smart Key

    Support 315/433mhz
    Support multiple board numbers/frequencies/models
    Support both 4D and 8A series smart key
    Compatible with 40bit, 80bit, 128bit, single frequency, dual frequency
    Support re-generate

Compatible with key programmer: Key Tool Plus / VVDI2 / VVDI Key Tool Max / VVDI MINI Key Too

The first time generate the XM-Prox remote will cost 200 points, for re-use, free to generate. Please update Xhorse APP to V2.1.3 or newer version.

Xhorse APP Update V2.1.3
-MINI KEY TOOL->vehicle remote->Add XM smart key generation
-MINI KEY TOOL->Special Function ->Add XM smart key customization and toyota smart key frequency setting

Support version: 0020, 0010, 2110, 0182, 3330


Support for Toyota Model:
For Camry (12-17)
For Alphard ( -12)
For GS400 (13—1 7)
For CT200(15)
For RAV4(08-19)
For Sienna (05-05)
For GS430(13-17)
For NX2O0(16-)
For Corolla (08—18)
For Previa(O7—)
For IS2O0(13-17)
For RX450(15-)
For LEVIN (-18)
For Wish (18)
For 1S300(13-17)
For BRZ (-14)
For Land Cruiser(O8-2O)
For E'Z (-15)
For ES330(13-17)
For Toycta86(12—14)
For Highlande (O9-19)
For VIOS (08-13)
For RX270(14)
For Crown(1O—17)
For GS300(13—17)
For CX460(1O)
For REIZ(O8-12)
For ES300(13-17)
For Landcruiser Prado(O8-20)

Upcoming update version:
3370, 5290, 7930, 7980, 0031, A433, F433, 0140, 0111, 7930, 7980, 0310, 0120, 0410, 0440

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